Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check whether my Kotak Debit Card is enabled for International payments?

You can check your International enabled status as below:

  • Login to Kotak Mobile Banking App
  • In ‘Service Requests’ select ‘Debit Card’
  • Choose ‘Card Control’
  • Scroll and select your Debit Card Number
  • Choose International/Domestic Controls
  • International Usage should be On

If your card is not ON, you can enable it by switching it ‘On’

Alternatively, you can also enable your International payments by visiting Kotak Net Banking page. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the “How to enable” section.


Will I be charged for enabling the International usage?


However, currency conversion charges and ATM withdrawal charges will be levied wherever applicable.

Please click here for detailed charges. 

I forgot to enable my International usage before travelling abroad. Can I do it now?

Yes, you can. Just follow the instructions given in the ‘How to enable’ tab to enable your Kotak Debit Card for International payments.