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Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the calculations around home loan EMI calculations. Kotak’s Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator is a simple tool that calculates your EMI on existing loans and displays your savings upon opting for home loan refinance. It’s the wiser choice to choose a home loan balance transfer.

Your total savings:

Your new EMI would be


The calculator uses the details that you provide. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the data or the results. Customers should exercise due diligence and caution before finalizing a decision.


Home Loan Balance Transfer Eligibility

The criteria for availing Home Loan Balance Transfer depends on the eligibility of an individual. It is based on variables, viz., age, monthly income, etc. Examine your home loan eligibility using our home loan eligibility calculator.


Documents Required for Home Loan Balance Transfer

During your application, being equipped with the documents required for a home loan balance transfer can make the entire process very smooth. We would need your original documents for verification and self-attested copies for submission.




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