14 NOVEMBER, 2019

We call Diwali a festival of lights for many reasons. Most important among them is the celebration of light beating darkness and evil. That is why Diwali holds great importance in Indian culture. During ancient times, evil got defeated on Diwali by Gods. Though it’s a celebration of godly conquests, we are also fighting with modern-evil nowadays. This evil is nothing but increasing pollution, garbage and global warming. Every year, these monsters are getting stronger by our actions and destroying our Mother Earth.

You must have read the articles about increasing pollution due to firecrackers on Diwali. Moreover, gift boxes and crackers leftovers end up expanding the garbage of cities. Indeed the evil is getting stronger, and we need to do something to stop this. So, let’s take this Diwali as our chance to fight with global issues on our level by using following innovative home décor ideas.

DIY Decorations

You must have heard your parents telling fun stories of their childhood, where they used to make the lights and lantern along with all family members. This year you can also do the same by using colourful papers and clothes. The DIY objects can be incredibly beautiful, and you will enjoy making them with your loved ones.

By using items like old CDs, newspapers and old clothes, you make so many beautiful home décor objects. You can transform your old ‘jaree’ sarees into the upholstery. You can make this Diwali vibrant by recycling old-stuff from your house.

Replacing Wax Candles with Natural Oils

Every year, wax candles lead to indoor pollution and paraffin used in them is a non-biodegradable component. Besides, their empty shells increase the garbage. This Diwali you can replace them with lamps made of natural oils. For this, you just need a dozen oranges. Cut them in half, remove the edible part and pour some oil. The fibre inside the fruit will act as a wick, and you will get your natural lamp for this Diwali.

Decorations Made of Indoor Plants

This home décor idea will be a dual solution to the problems of garbage and air pollution. As you know, Diwali is a synonym for decoration. Every year we decorate our houses with so many items, which eventually end up in the dustbin. This year, replace them with beautiful indoor plants and succulent plants. They look fantastic and blend easily with the interior of your house. And as you know, plants release carbon dioxide, so they will purify the air inside your home.

Using Bio-Degradable Decorations

Swap the artificial decoration with flowers on this Diwali. Floral decoration is not just a treat to eyes, but also a climate-charmer. Just watching them is a fantastic experience. Besides, when they wilt, you can convert them into compost for your garden plants.

Painting Old Things

Visit a local vendor and buy as many clay lamps as you want. Then go to a stationery store, and buy the colours and glitters. Now the only thing you need to do is to paint them by using your favourite shades. You also use your artsy hand on jars and bottles and convert them into beautiful home décor items.

Diwali is to enjoy the time with your loved ones. However, this does not give a break to your every-day responsibilities. Along with spending money on gifts and decoration items, you have to manage the financial liabilities like home loan EMIs or car loan (if you have taken any). This is where the above ideas will come handy, as all of them are not just environment-friendly but economical too.

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