15 NOVEMBER, 2019

Every household today is aware of the phenomena like increasing pollution and global warming. The situation is getting graver, and so, every person needs to work on an individual level in order to reduce the impact of such environmental problems. You can change your habits and adopt ‘a green-lifestyle’ to support the regime of sustainable development.

If you are planning to buy a new house, one more thing you can do to adopt environment-friendly lifestyle- Buying a Green House.

These are a special type of houses which are built by using sustainable raw materials and thus, are energy efficient. This nature of these houses reduces the harmful effects on the environment as well as improve the quality of your life in the following ways.

Improving the Health of Every Individual Living in the House

The air in the house is often taken for granted as many people ignore the fact that air pollution outside also affects air quality in the home. Poisonous gases in air slowly impact every individual living inside the house. The long-term effects of exposure to these gases are respiratory disorders like bronchitis or asthma.

Green homes are designed in a way to maintain air quality. They have uninterrupted air circulation and natural filters that keep the air inside the house pure. No harmful gases or germs pollute the air inside your home and eventually protect you from many air-borne diseases. They also have shades that protect your house from harmful heatwaves. The solar chimney and exhaust fan remove harmful gases from your house and keep the environment refreshing.

Reduction in the Cost of Electricity Bills

Energy efficiency is one of the prime advantages of living in a green home. These houses are built to reduce the use of energy and therefore, require less electricity in comparison with conventional houses. They are installed with technology that utilises renewable resources of energy like solar power to heat water and fulfil many other requirements. This reflects positively on your monthly electricity bills as they get reduced and you will be able to save more energy.

Water Conservation

Green homes are equipped with water recycling technologies like rainwater harvesting. As you know, the question of water scarcity is getting severe in many cities in India, conserving water has become critical nowadays. Water is the most essential resource for human life, and thus, it needs to be managed and used wisely. When water recycling technology is installed in your house, you become able to save more water.

Furthermore, living in a green-house becomes economically beneficial when you are living in a city where the water bill is charged based on its consumption.

Using Natural Light

The sunlight is an abundant source of energy on earth, which in turn has positive effects on human health. The vitamin D present in the sunlight is extremely good for bone health. Besides, natural light has a positive effect on mental health, as it keeps a cheerful environment. Green homes are built to utilise the natural light, and you do not need to rely on electric appliances for light. All the natural light inside your green-home eventually improves your overall health.

Increased Resale Value

Nowadays, people are becoming more sensitive towards the effects of human activities on the environment. So, if your house is a green-house, there is a high possibility that the home buyer will be ready to pay more price to your house due to its various benefits.
Green homes are not another housing option, but it has become a necessity of the time. All over the world, the government is encouraging people to buy such houses to reduce the negative impact of human life on the environment. The government is promoting the use of sustainable material to build houses under the PMAY Scheme. This initiative has dual objectives, the first one provides every individual with an inexpensive residential option, and another is encouraging more people to adopt a green lifestyle.

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